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Studio and Equipment:



Studio and Equipment:

6 isolation rooms filled with World class, studio Quality instruments. Equipment list: First off, People, are the most important thing in the studio, you cant buy experience. EMMY Award winning production, engineering, Musicians and vocal coaching with Kenny Royster.

Electronic Gear:

Black lion modified ProTools HDX with new Mac Pro ” VERY RARE” 1/2 percent of studios in the world have these. Hardware reverbs, Bricasti M7, lexicon PCM80 and PCM90. 2 Universal Audio Octo cards with the best plug-ins available. Eventide and Soundtoys complete bundle.


BAE 1028 and 1073 The best mic preamps in the world. 18 channels of Vintech preamps. They are the best of brand new, modern electronics, with vintage Concepts and recreations. Universal Audio 6176 preamp and Compressor


Tube Tech CL1B. Manley Vari Mu stereo Mastering Compressor. Vintech 609CA Stereo. “All tube gear is loaded with rare Telefunken tubes”


Wunder audio, Upton 251, Neumann, Telefunkin , Lawson, sennheiser, Audio Technica, Shure, Audix, Miktek,All World Class Mics. All wire is Mogami Mic Cable. The Best.

Electric Guitar Amps:

3rd power dual citizen and 3rd power citizen gain amplifiers and 3rd power speaker cabinet.
All of these amps have very rare Telefunken preamp tubes and RCA black plate power tubes Six vintage black face Fenders 2 Marshalls, Plexi and JCM 800 4 Valco supros These vintage and modern amps sound amazing. The best of the best. Alnico blue and England Celestion vintage 30s

Electric and Acoustic Guitars:

Gibson Les Paul 12 string electric, very rare Gibson Les Paul Junior Vintage 1963 Fender Stratocaster and 1963 Jaguar. Gibson Les Paul. Fender Jagstang.
Acoustic Guitars:Martin, Santa Cruz, Taylor, and Alvarez Yairi, Nylon String. All World Class recording Instruments, set up and ready to record.

Bass Amps:

Ampeg B15 and JBL 15″ speaker with the holy Grail of tubes Mesa Boogie M pulse 600 with Telefunken preamp tubes


The Awesome Roland V Piano, the most awesome modern piano ever!!! No Samples, incredible feel, the best , period . 1960 Hammond A100 and 122 Leslie speaker Wurlitzer 200 With variable speed vibrato modification and preamp modification Massive synth, and orchestra sample libraries.


Symphobia strings and orchestra library, Omnisphere, Trillian bass library, Stylus drum library Miroslav, lounge lizard.


Yamaha Absolute Maple with Zildian and Paiste Cymbals. Snare Drums: Gretsch Bell Brass,1963 Ludwig Supraphonic, Ludwig black beauty, Yamaha maple , Pearl black beauty, Ludwig Supraphonic 6.5 inch. Percussion: Djembe drum, tambourine ,and shakers. Drumagog and Slate drum replacement software and complete libraries. Stylus drum software.


Fab filter Pro L brick wall limiter and Waves L2 hardware. The best digital mastering available.


Manley Vari Mu compressor.

All electronics and personnel at Direct Image Studio are World Class and EMMY Award Winning. Great Gear, Musicians, Production, Vocal Coaching, and Engineering. Let’s Record a Hit !!